Stick to the rules of the road



stopNERVOUS traveller of Komani writes: As the festive season approaches, so will the amount of traffic passing through the town.

The current traffic situation is already hectic and more cars will mean more accidents. While the traffic police obviously have the main role to play in terms of ensuring traffic control in the town’s streets, I wonder if a plea to motorists to adhere to the related laws will have any impact?

Sticking to what is right by not double parking, not being selfish on the roads, not speeding and generally just being aware of the rights of other road users can make a vast difference.

The traffic police and police generally focus on the open roads between the towns and cities during this period, I believe, resulting in even more traffic chaos than usual in the central business district. Please, let’s all play our part this year and make the CBD a pleasant place in which to drive.

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