Accommodation to prevent travel fatigue

TO PREVENT safety risks and fatigue, the Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) council has condoned thousands of rands to accommodate two mayoral committee members who have to travel about 100km on one trip to work.

The two councillors have not been named.

According to the agenda item of an ordinary council meeting last Wednesday, the council had a duty to provide such resources as accommodation to enable political office bearers such as members of the mayoral committee (MMCs) to perform their duties optimally.

“With the recent election of the new council, CHDM has inaugurated MMCs, some of which [sic] have their permanent residences more than 100 kilometres on a single trip [sic].

“The nature of the job of the MMCs, especially during the first few months, has included a series of induction programmes, which required them to be in Komani almost on a daily basis.”

The district authority had spent R7791420 on the two unnamed MMCs.

The item said the nature of the duties of the MMCs required them to remain in office until late in the evening.

“It is not only a risk to their safety that they have to travel at night, but also that they are likely to suffer from fatigue.

“As their safety is a priority and the fact that they have struggled to find accommodation due to its scarcity, the municipality decided to make alternative arrangements for the accommodation of the two members.”

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