Municipality must deliver

Potholes - a danger on the roads  Picture: SUPPLIED
Potholes – a danger on the roads Picture: SUPPLIED

ZWELIBANGILE Modi of Ezibeleni writes: It is encouraging to see that the Enoch Mgijima Municipality is taking steps to repair the pothole-ridden streets within the greater Komani, including Ezibeleni.

There are so many shortcomings with regard to the issues of service delivery by the municipality.

Chief among these are the poor electricity provision, non-availability of business sites and church sites, building of small business workshops, and many more.

I have also noted with a ray of hope that traffic patrols are seemingly being introduced, because I saw some in the town centre on November 10.

There is so much lawlessness with regard to the traffic regulations in Komani.

I always saw traffic officers’ vehicles parked outside town, regardless of the rampant breach of the traffic regulations in town.

The time for our municipality to pull up its socks and play its role in the development of greater Komani is now.

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