Time to renew liquor licences urges ECLB

The period for the renewal of liquor licences in the Eastern Cape is drawing closer and the Eastern Cape Liquor Board (ECLB) has called on liquor traders to adhere to timeframes.

In a statement this week, the Board said it commended liquor traders that had so far taken it upon themselves to ensure that they complied with the conditions of their liquor licenses and promptly renewed their liquor licenses.

In order to heighten compliance, liquor traders are obligated by law to renew their liquor licenses annually. The renewal period starts on October 1 until December 31 of each year, and those who miss this deadline can still renew their licenses in the months of January and February of the following year. However, those who renew in January are charged a 50% late registration fee of the normal registration fee; and those who register in February are charged 100%.
The implication for those liquor traders who fail to renew their licenses by February 28 is that their liquor outlets will be deregistered and should they wish to trade again, they will be expected to undergo the same process of attaining liquor license. It is important to note that those who continue to trade with invalid licenses will be contravening the law, and necessary steps will be taken.

In the previous year (2016/17) out of 7 466 active liquor licenses, about 6 527 liquor traders renewed their licenses and 851 could not renew and were subsequently de-registered. The failure to renew licenses has a debilitating effect on ECLB’s fight against the mushrooming illegal taverns in the Province as the majority of these liquor traders revert to illegal trading.
To avoid de-registration of their liquor licenses, liquor traders must ensure that they renew their licenses so they can remain valid for the next financial year.

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