SASSA to implement new payment system

According to a statement released by the South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) in the Eastern Cape, SASSA will, tomorrow launch the  biometric enrolment of social grants beneficiaries as well as the new South African Post Office (SAPO) SASSA card.

The new systems ‘go live’ for the biometric enrolment of social grant beneficiaries with the first new SASSA/SAPO card being issued.The new SASSA/SAPO card replaces the current card and will be used for payment and withdrawal of social grants from May 2018.

All SASSA local offices in the province will ‘go live’ and be able to issue the new card as from May 2. Card swaps (changing of the current card to the new card) will be rolled out in the province to reach social grant beneficiaries in possession of the current SASSA card  Picture: FILE​

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