Community ask for shops to be closed

VIDEO: PROTEST: The Nkululekweni Neighbourhood Watch (NNW) along with the community of Nkululekweni protested outside a spas shop where the owner was accused by an employee, Thato  Qola, 28, from Lesotho, for allegedly using a surveillance camera in their bedroom to watch employees.

A case has been opened with the police.

NNW representative Elliase Magwayi in this video is seen explaining to the community what they agreed upon with the shop owner. Below is a transcription of what Magwayi says in the video from Xhosa to English             Video:SIMTEMBILE MGIDI


Magwayi:We are grateful for the gentleman that asked us to repeat what we have just discussed, because they could not hear at the back.

We spoke about what we came here to do, which is that, Ali  should close all three of his shopstoday. We are in agreement with him that he will start with this shop and he will close it.

However his concern is that he has his property inside the shop, should he close the shop will no one try to loot his shop?

No! His shop will not be looted, because we as the community will start guarding his shops that we have closed.

The second thing is that his security company that you can see, JV, they will always be here, until Ali meets with the leaders of the community, plus the community and explains what happened in order for us to be at the point that we are in now.

Until we know how the case against him is doing with the police, that is what we were talking about just now, he has just agreed, it is just that he has a soft voice.

He said that he has heard the words of the community, he will do what you have requested of him right now.

…We have warned him, the leaders up here in front made a warning that said, Ali should not make a mistake of thinking, he will open on a particular day.

He should not make that mistake, these shops must remain closed until everyone has been alerted that Ali will be opened, because that is what we have agreed on

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