Adventist men to hand a petition to mayor


THE Komani Adventist church men are going to march to the Tobi Kula Indoor-Sports centre after gathering for a devotion at the Skweyiya hall in Mlungisi on August 18, the purpose of the march is to have Adventist men saying no to women and child abuse.

According to the Adventist men’s march co-ordinator who is also a deacon, Zanoxolo Qali, the men are going to pray and worship together asking God to intervene against women and child abuse. He said abuse in society was very high while some women kept quiet about the abuse.

Qali said, “As some women keep silent, we felt that this was not just a challenge for us as men in the church, but a challenge for all men at large to stand together in protesting against the abuse of women and children which is one of the reasons we decided to march beyond the church boundaries.

“The areas that we are targeting in the Mlungisi area are Bongweni, Bhede, New Town, New Brighton, those are some of the locations committing the abuse we are trying to swift out. We will hand over our petition to the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality executive mayor Sisisi Tolashe.”

Qali went on to say that should Tolashe not be able to accept their petition they would settle with having a person from her office to receive it. He further said by giving Tolashe their petition, they had hopes that she would give the relevant departments in order to intensify the process that leads to perpetrators facing the ends of justice.

“At the Skweyiya hall at 8am we will meet where we will start with a devotion with our district pastors, we will march within the location distributing flyers to the residents escorted by traffic officers, plus the police to the Indoor sports grounds and hand the petition to the mayor,” Qali said.

According to Qali it is important that the boys of today should know that tomorrow they will be fathers, he said they hoped the young boys would learn something when they see men marching against the abuse of women in public and also hoped men would change their lives.

“We hope men will accept Jesus as their personal saviour as they change their lives, Nelson Mandela once said that we can use sport to unite the people, after handing the petition we will have a soccer match, Komani church Football club vs Advent 11,” Qali said.

Qali continued to say using a few words from Nelson Mandela, “I say now, never and never again, will this beautiful land, will again experience the oppression of woman and children by men, we say end it now!!!” Qali said.

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