IFP President Buthelezi speaks after ‘It’s Time’ event

IFP President MP Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, speaking following the ‘It’s Time’ conference led by Angus Buchan at the Rhino Park airfield on Saturday, said it had been a privilege to attend the event.

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi Picture: SOWETAN

In a statement issued earlier today, he said having served the country for over 60 years, it broke his heart to see “the depth of suffering” of many.
“The iron fist of poverty has closed around families and the weight of injustice lies heavy. Violence and criminality stalk communities, and the leadership that should protect has abdicated, preferring enrichment and power.”

Buthelezi said SA was “like a city surrounded” like the Biblical city of Dolhan but indicated that, like the prophet Elisha, the country should call on God to save it.

He said a fresh start was underway for the country and that ‘green grass would sprout even from the ashes.’

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