Councillor and EPWP trainees to the rescue

Trainees of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) brought considerable relief to a family in Newvale whose belongings were destroyed in a fire recently.

The Rep reported (Family left with nothing after fire, July 5) that Boyce Mrwebi’s home was engulfed in flames when his wife was preparing food with a paraffin stove. The wife had gone to buy items at a nearby shop and discovered that the house was on fire upon her return.

Nonzukiso Ngenase, who is responsible for facilitating the training, said ward 13 councillor, Ongama Adonis, had informed her team about the family’s plight. “We normally hold our training sessions at the Ashley Wyngaard Hall in Victoria Park. This is a public works programme that works on reducing unemployment by equipping the youth with skills. We specialise in carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing and painting and we have 35 students registered in the two-month training programme. The councillor told us about a house that had caught fire and suggested that we use the premises as part of our training which would obviously also benefit the family in need,” said Ngenase.

Speaking to the The Rep councillor Adonis said the disadvantaged family was in a difficult situation and pleaded with anyone who would like to assist. “After visiting the family and assessing the situation, I thought it was best for the trainees to do their practicals at the premises. The focus was to refurbish the structure but our challenge is that we are short of building material. The students have assisted with the roof and ceiling. We were hoping to get a door frame and cement for plastering so we can start with the painting.”

Owner of the house, Mrwebi, said he did not expect that people would respond speedily and appreciated what the councillor and the EPWP team had done for his family. “I am really happy. Although we still do not have any furniture, the house will be in good condition. I also received a call from a church congregation after the article appeared in The Rep. I have hope that more help will help.”

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