Top cop’s rise to formidable woman

Born and bred in the dirt streets of Mqanduli, Funeka Siganga turned out to be more than just a village girl, but a formidable leader in society and a major general in the police.

Having had a grandfather and an uncle who were police officials, Siganga said it was almost natural for her to join the police force in her youth. Little did she know she would one day head a police cluster.

As the first female in the family to have worked for the police, I had to uphold my family’s good reputation. I also had to triple my efforts to be recognised as a great police official because I was a woman, however, I proved myself over the years through my work and was promoted to several leadership positions.”

Siganga indicated as hard as it used to be being a woman in a male dominated field, she had received much support from older male figures where she used to work in Mount Frere and Mount Road in Port Elizabeth.

Siganga moved to lead in Komani in January this year when she said she was still learning on the job which helped her become better at what she did.

A person should never stop learning because that would directly affect their growth as a person and a leader. One of the things I enjoy about this job is that I am invited to speak in places where I receive the opportunity to empower women. I take a serious interest in the development of other women and thrive in my ability to identify a hard worker.”

The major general said she lived her life following three values which were a listening ear because she said she did not know everything, sharing her experience which helped in skills transfer and the development of the another person and support which, she said, was essential for anyone who worked with a team.

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