Help sought for ill Komani resident

Former Rep correspondent for the Van area, Denzil McCaskill, is seriously ill and has been told he urgently needs a bone marrow transplant.

McCaskill, who is in his late 40s, taught for a number of years at Maria Louw High School and has recently been at Olivet College. The medical aid scheme will, unfortunately, not cover all his expenses, nor for travelling or accommodation costs for his wife.

Members of the community gathered for a wine and dine at Boundary Pub and Grub on Friday to help the family raise funds.

Other events which were scheduled to take place were cancelled due the Coronavirus outbreak. McCaskil’s wife, Mary McCaskil, thanked everyone who showed support and appealed to the public to donate towards his recovery.

For donations contact, Mary McCaskil on 076 509 3142 or Ruewaida on 062 785 383.

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