Police, traffic officers enforce compliance in Komani

Law enforcement officers are out in full force at a roadblock just outside Komani, ensuring motorists driving in and out of the town are complying with road traffic regulations put in place to prevent the spread of the dreaded Covid-19. Chris Hani District Municipality deputy mayor Noncedo September joined the roadblock on the road towards Whittlesea a short while ago and praised motorists. “The president made a call for us to help in the fight against the coronavirus so that community members are not infected. We are impressed with the response; we also look at those who drive private cars to see whether they comply.” September also praised provincial police commissioner, Lt-Gen Liziwe Ntshinga, for her assistance during her visit to the district. “We are not asleep. People are complying in vehicles. Where we come across problems is at queues at supermarkets. We are visible in all municipalities in Chris Hani, we go to Sterkstroom, Molteno, Ngcobo, all the municipalities, working with their mayors,” said September.




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