October 2020 social grant payment dates:

Older Person’s Grants will be paid from 05 October 2020 (THIS INCLUDES ANY GRANTS LINKED TO THESE ACCOUNTS)

Disability grants will be paid from 06 October 2020 (THIS INCLUDES ANY GRANTS LINKED TO THESE ACCOUNTS)

All other social grants will be paid from 07 October 2020


  1. just want to know that why many people who have been approved for the srd grand are not getting pay. Like me I only got pay one month of May. June July August September are approved online but I don’t get date off when to go to the post office to collect my money. When I go there they keep telling me that I have not been payed yet!!!?

  2. I also wanna know why I haven’t been paid. Since its inception I haven’t received a cent yet I’ve been approved. Care to explain!!

  3. My grant has been approved. Received money for June, July, October. Didn’t get payment for August and September

  4. Since you approved my application by May 2020 I did not receive any sms for collection at post office, but when I check with my phone I do see the R350 times 3 but at post office they can’t see anything on the system ID number 9210085699086 and 9409281569081

    • Hi Thuli I also asked the same thing from someone who works at sassa offices and I was told that I need to sign papers for changing paying

  5. Child grant increases should be carefully condidered and done on merit – and only AFTER THOROUGH INVESTIGATIONS relating to the parents, children, recipients and circumstances are carried out, justifying why the grant should or should not be approved – as grant abuses has now become commonplace.

    • Why grants payment dates keep on changing ? These dates are very far , they used to be the first of the month up to the third .

    • What’s happening with the srd grant… They are so much people that is approved but got no SMS to go to the post office… When they go to the post office they say they is no money for them… When Will they get pay date ???

  6. I feel like increasing the child grant will do good to many families though we still have mothers who use child grant to gamble with and thousands of children are still not enjoying the grant because of irresponsible parents

    • It’s surprising that other people have been paid honestly since the first time, never missed a month.. Wish to know what criteria is used to choose which person to be paid and which one do you choose to underpay or not pay at all.. I have only received 3 x R350, first time was August, received R700 and in September only received R350.. Just concerned if we will ever receive t e full balance as we are already in October, which is the last month of this grant.. Happy are those who have been treated fairly by SASSA

  7. I want to know why I haven’t received any money still waiting for my R350 it only shows approved but when I go to the post office they said it also shows approved but there is no money for me I must visit the sassa website.

    • I have only received R350 for May but nothing for June,July,August and yet i have been approved…with September pending…i am always going to the post office with same “no moonies”
      @Sassa you have noo idea how much some of us are depending on you!!!
      It pains me seeing these young ones using it for entertainment after collecting.
      Is it too late to change to my (newly opened because of Srd) bank account FRUSTRATED.

  8. I ask the R250 which was added to old age grant durng icovid 19 must not be taken off . Since the time of covid 19 cost of living is very high and many homes depend on this grants for their survival ?

  9. My brother applied in May and has never received any income the reason for decline shows because of NSFAS is funding him……he has never gotten and NSFAS funding even though according to sassa it’s the reason why he has not been approved……………in his case what should he do because his unemployed and receives no income not even from NSFAS (he registered to study next is because his on a waiting list for next that he can’t get the unemployment payment?)like everyone he needs a income so provide for himself

  10. Its breaks my heart that i only got payed for this month only.. I never received any payment for August & September.. Care to explain why’s that happening.

  11. May, June, July rejected. August approved but still no sms for any details. Nothing. Slackers, that’s what they are!!!


  13. I was approved and got money for the first 3 months. Now they say at the Post Office there is no money for me??????? Its hopeless to try and phone them!! Please phone me back. E Pieters.

  14. People are actually having more kids for da child grand so government should reduce that coz they making six babies u allowing 6 lots of grant so they hv no reason to work make babies and get free grant whilst others who really need da grant don’t qualify no logic

  15. Can someone please inform me why some people didnt get there child grant money today is there a hold up cape town kensington

  16. Hi my name is Themba Sigauga I am 62years not receiving old age grant. I applied for social relieve grant but not granted. My wife is working alone. We owe the municipality lot of money. I have a child at tertiary and accommodation to pay.
    . Help me please.

  17. I only got paid one month of may i hve been approved for june,July En August Still No Payment September Pending No Sms No What Why

  18. I dont understand why I keep getting Approved if i’m not even going 2 get paid. Its October now but i have not even received my June SRD

  19. I hve applied for the srd grant in july been approved july/aug/sep not even 1 payment yet its almost end october what will happen now

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