Komani singer releases her EP

SOULFUL SOUND: Afro Soul artist Aviwe Panyaza gave a live performance of her new EP ‘Be Heard by Aviwe’ at La Aura Sports Bar and Lounge Picture: SUPPLIED

As the nation recognised diverse cultures on Heritage Day, Komani afro soul artist Aviwe Panyaza serenaded patrons with a soulful live performance at La Aura Sports Bar and Lounge.

Aviwe has been writing and producing her own music for more than three years and was showcasing sounds from her extended play ‘Being Heard by Aviwe’ which was released on Tuesday.

The singer, who now lives in Cape Town said Heritage Day was significant and embraced her Xhosa culture . “The day commemorates who we are and what we love. I chose the day for the showcasing because it was important. I want to celebrate my language so 70% of the songs are in isiXhosa because the language comes naturally and I find it a beautiful language as well.”

She said she grew up singing in a church choir and was no stranger to the stage. After going through a journey of self discovery, she started writing her own music and ventured into a solo career. “I have been involved in music all my life. I used to think my name had so much less than I have grown to find it does. Today I realise that it means from the day I was born I was meant to be heard and through self reflection this has manifested itself in musical form. This is me ‘being heard’. “

Her EP comprises eight songs with elements of afro jazz, afro soul and a little RnB.

“People can expect to be moved because I think it is an album that inspires love, dreams and being the best person you can be on your own. I had a full band for the first time and my father saw me perform for the first time. The day was amazing,” she said.

Producer Bulela Ngodwane said Komani was known for its rich jazz culture and had produced a number of legends in the genre. The group is working on a plan to travel and promote the album. The EP is available on digital platforms.

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