Pearl Thusi says women are the foundation of the country

“With all the storms, they’ve managed to keep this nation standing’

Pearl Thusi believes women are the rock who have guided SA through the dark.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Thusi

Actress and media personality reminded SA that women are the foundation of the nation despite the hardships they face.

Pearl said throughout history, and even in an extraordinarily hard year like 2020, the one constant has been that women are continuing to own it!

The actress reminded her followers of the immortal words of Queen Beyoncé: “Who runs the world? Girls!’

Pearl hopped on Twitter with a reminder about the girl power that has led Mzansi. The star said women are the rock who have guided SA through the dark, despite their own troubles.

“South African women are the foundation of this nation. With all the storms, they’ve managed to keep this nation standing” she wrote.

However, nothing from Pearl ever gets straight up love with no side hate, no matter how heartfelt the sentiment shares.

Tweeps filled her up her replies  on cue with the hate. The trolls lambasted the star for her opinions, with some personal and even misogynistic says.

See for yourself:

However, Pearl’s stand anticipated the internet will come for the star for speaking her mind.

Here are some of those who defended her in the streets:

Pearl has often been candid about her advocacy for women’s and children’s equality. Earlier this year, the star took to social media to commemorate Youth Day.

In an Instagram post, she highlighted how we need to genuinely shift our focus to women and children, the centre of the abuse crisis in SA

“The more things change, the more they stay the same. The powers that be may have changed, but the struggle continues.

“Women are killed. Police are still specifically violent with black people. Are we a generation willing to die for justice? Or are we willing to watch our fellow citizens, especially women and children, be abused and murdered by our very own?” said Pearl.

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