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On February 1 president Cyril Ramaphosa announced the easing of some of the lockdown rules. Alcohol will again be legally sold between certain hours, public parks, beaches and churches are also open, while curfew hours have been reduced. The Rep reporter, Ntsikelelo Qoyo, went to ask people in Komani what they thought about the address.

Adele Bester

Adele Bester from Sandringham

I think the decision to open up was reasonable. Opening the beaches is definitely welcomed because it is an open space and people do not have to gather indoors




Matshidiso May

Matshidiso May from the CBD

It is too soon. We just had an accident on Sunday caused by drunk drivers. I think he should not have lifted the ban on alcohol because people are not responsible. Numbers will quickly go up again.





Odwa Zwakala

Odwa Zwakala from Ezibeleni

I do not think the whole thing was handled well from the first lockdown. They should always have insisted that alcohol should only be bought and consumed privately. They learnt the first time and we still had to go through this again. I only hope they keep it like this until we are completely in the clear.






Chris van Eck

Chris van Eck from Top Town

It is a good decision. It will bring relief to people in the alcohol industry and generally the economy as well. Restaurants will be opened a bit later, which I am sure will also be good for them. People just need to be responsible and not make the president regret his decision.


Ncubeko Shumane

Ncubeko Shumane from the CBD

It is a bit confusing for me. One does not really know if the vaccine will really work so I am on the fence. I do not know that the complete ban on alcohol was necessary because the numbers still went up. Maybe he (the president) should have just regulated the hours from the start. I think people have to take responsibility and not gather in large numbers.


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