Potholes a disgrace, says Mlungisi resident

SAFETY FIRST: Mlungisi resident Nombulelo ‘Sis Tsetse’ Nqayi recently placed an old tyre and polystyrene over a pothole in the middle of Victoria Road ‘to save lives’   Picture: LUVUYO MJEKULA

Potholes are becoming a big problem in Komani and residents have had to take up the responsibility of solving the problem.

A Mlungisi resident raised eyebrows when she placed an old tyre and a chunk of polystyrene over a pothole in the middle of Victoria Road recently.

Nombulelo ‘Sis Tsetse’ Nqayi said her aim was to save people’s lives. “I thought the pothole could cause a serious accident and witnessed two or three near-crashes involving schoolchildren recently. I have had enough of the accidents on this road.

“I thought if the municipality does nothing about this, let me put this white stuff [polystyrene] so that even at night it is visible and the tyre is to make sure cars avoid the hole to save people’s lives and prevent damage to vehicles.

“I am a caring resident, but I am also very disappointed in the ANC. This road leads to town, it should be a national road that should be surfaced properly. I don’t know why they patch it instead of covering it with tar. This is a disgrace, it is embarrassing,” said Nqayi.

Meanwhile, Victoria Park residents, former teacher Edmond Hartnick and businessman Randall Hykes took it upon themselves to repair the potholes in their community recently. Hartnick said: “We are only doing this from the goodness of our hearts and are not looking for any praise.”

Hykes added that certain businesses in town were calling for their help.

The duo and their team were seen fixing potholes in New Rest in the scorching sun recently. Hykes mentioned that they received donations of sand and cement from community members who acknowledged and appreciated their efforts.

Taxi drivers at the Nonesi Mall taxi rank had firsthand experience of the terrible roads. Olwethu Hinana said driving in Queenstown was like “an extreme sport because the potholes are big and you are always trying to drive around and dodge them”.

Hinana said only Cathcart Road was passable in town, but the faulty traffic lights, some of which have been lying on the ground for a long time, did not help either. He said: “I sometimes blame community members for the terrible roads in the location because when they protest they burn tyres on the road and that leaves holes which gradually develop into big potholes.”

Taxi drivers Mabhuti Skiti and Ayabulela Klaas complained that the municipality was not doing much to fix the roads. According to the duo, the road near the Whittlesea taxi rank and Shoprite was also in a bad state.

Parts of Pelem Road were riddled with potholes and the taxi drivers said the road was so bad they were forced to drive on the pavement, a move that attracts the ire of pedestrians and nearby residents who, in turn, sought to block the vehicles by placing rocks on the pavement.

A while back when heavy rains battered Komani, a Victoria Park car owner had both his front tyres damaged in a pothole.

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