Solar boreholes serves 4000 families

WATER IS LIFE: Bholothwa and Ntlambo village residents will soon have a fully functional solar-powered borehole system which will provide a sense of security in their striving for access to water Picture: SUPPLIED

About 4000 households in Bholothwa and Ntlambo villages will benefit from a solar-powered borehole system constructed through a public-private partnership between the Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM), and a beverages company to alleviate water shortages in the areas.

Coca Cola Beverages SA (CCBSA) and The Coca-Cola Company collaborated with the CHDM to improve the lives of residents from Bholothwa in Enoch Mgijima and Ntlamba in Engcobo municipality, where access to water was a continuous struggle.

CHDM spokesperson, Thobeka Mqamelo, indicated the solar-powered borehole system consisted of a water pump that would work through a filtration system.

“The water will be pumped from the filtration system into a 5000l water storage tank which will be placed on a 3m steel stand.

“The tank stand and storage facility are situated in close proximity to the borehole to allow for steam pumping. All stored water will be gravity fed to an outlet valve situated at the base of the tank stand,” she said.

Mqamelo said the CHDM was responsible for identifying beneficiaries and conducive sites for the installation of the solar-powered borehole systems.

“Bholothwa and Ntlambo villages were selected as one of the dry areas hardest hit by water shortages in the district, a situation that has been further exacerbated by the spell of drought that has lingered on for a number of years.  The project was fully funded by CCBSA who commissioned a service provider as an implementing agency.”

Both villages mainly rely on underground water as they do not have dams or streams.

Mqamelo indicated the contribution and intervention by CCBSA would immensely assist towards improved access to water for communities in water scarce areas.

“Partnerships with the private sector aimed at uplifting the standard of living of people are always welcomed to realise the true meaning of collaboration towards a better life for all. The projects which showcase modern technologies bring much-needed relief to water-distressed villages,” she said.


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