R2m roads upgrade a boost for businesses

ROADS REFURBISHMENT: The local authority kick-started the new year with a rehabilitation project to maintain and upgrade some of its pothole-riddled stretches of road Picture: ANDISA BONANI

The Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) kick-started its R2m rehabilitation project to refurbish Green and Bert Strauss Streets as part of its plans to revitalise and beautify towns under it in January.

The two streets with a distance of 0,8km combined are getting a much-needed facelift which will provide smooth access to the nearby businesses who potentially could have suffered losses due to the worn out streets.

Last month, EMLM mayor Luleka Gubula indicated that the worn Green Street affected local economy as there were businesses in and around the area.

“The street affected fragile merchandise which would be damaged before it got to the consumer and this cost businesses. We decided to do maintenance work on the street by patching dilapidated parts, but from the Cathcart Road corner we will to strip off that stretch of the street as it completely damaged,” she said.

The local authority used internal expertise to work on the road to minimise costs at the already cash-strapped institution.

The road works which began in mid-January are set to be completed by the end of March.

“The whole project cost R2 million with 10 local labourers participating and benefitting from it. The roadworks will encourage business activity and bring comfort to motorists and commuters. This is one of the three road rehabilitation projects in Komani, including Bells Road work, which is already underway.

“The Fikile Gwadana Drive patching project in Ezibeleni will be completed before the end of February. There are still a number of roads that need to be upgraded or maintained. The municipality will keep repairing as many roads as possible, subject to the availability of funds,” said Kowa.

Meanwhile, on Saturday Victoria Park residents took it upon themselves to fill potholes in the area’s main road, which has huge holes in the middle that obstruct traffic, leading motorists to use only one lane of the road.

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