Fundraiser for victims of war

Members of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) recently gathered at Victoria Manor Guest House to raise funds in aid of Tigray war victims in Ethiopia and pleaded with the South African government to intervene in stopping ‘deliberate’ killings in that region

Sub-committee member Brhanu Abraham said the day was to commemorate the movement’s 46th anniversary and to condemn the extreme violence imposed by the federal government against people in the Tigray region, which started in November.

Scores of people who are part of the movement descended into Komani from different areas in the province. The day’s proceedings began with a motorcade demonstration on the R67 before returning to the main venue.

They are declaring war and committing genocide against humanity, killing children, women, men and destroying the ancient mosques with military drones. The international community is condoning this war. We are under siege. There is no school and there is no humanitarian access in Ethiopia. There is a shortage of food and people are hungry. This is war crime to us and a problem that we are currently facing. The Ethiopian government declared that the war was finished, but our leaders are still in an armed struggle, fighting in the bushes because they are invading the region. We have our own government and because it is a federal system we have our own language and culture but that does not mean we are not Ethiopian. The constitution allows us to get our independence if situations are not well.”

Abraham said some Tigrayan leaders had been killed and others were still in hiding. “Our people are dying. There are sick people who do not have access to medical care. The media is refused access and food programmes cannot be rolled out. I believe African problems must be solved by Africans.”

He added that the group managed to raise a substantial sum to assist victims and hoped that the SA government would not turn a blind eye to the matter.

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