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Leejanka Niemand
Othandwayo Oyiya
Bulelwa Oyiya
Xolile Matiso
Sinazo Mhlomi

Primary school pupils from grade R to 7 will return to their daily class attendance as of July 26, according to a government gazette published by minister of basic education Angie Motshekga. With increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases and talks of a possible third wave, The Rep reporter Zintle Bobelo took to the streets of Komani to ask locals if they thought this was a good decision by the department.

Xolile Matiso from Victoria Park

As one of the teachers in Komani, we experience challenges because there were people employed to assist with Covid-19 compliance. Their contracts were terminated and teachers now have to perform those duties. We have to wait for all the children to arrive. We cannot start teaching on time. This affects the curriculum. Government did not think this through. We are at risk because numbers are rising in other provinces. I do not understand the logic behind this decision. Children are told to return to school full time while there are talks about a looming third wave.

Leejanka Niemand from Tylden

This is not a good decision for children. They should keep a limited number of pupils at schools because there are great chances for the virus to spread quicker if they all return at the same time. We have a number of children coming from all over who are attending one school in Tylden. Limiting the number will not stop the virus from spreading, but it will be better than having all of them in one place at the same time.

Bulelwa Oyiya from Mlungisi

I think this decision needs to be reviewed because we see increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases on a daily basis. There are reports of a third wave hitting the country. We hear of reported cases affecting young children who are in grade R. They have closed schools in the Free State where children as young as eight have passed away because of the virus. I think government should first observe this third wave and avoid losing lives.

Sinazo Mhlomi from Queensview Park

Keeping them at home also affects them academically. I think they should go back because staying at home will not help. Some have no recollection of what they were taught before Covid-19 began. It is frustrating for parents as well. We understand that the third wave is upon us, but we just have to stick to government protocols and adhere to the regulations.

Othandwayo Oyiya from Mlungisi

I think for now they should open to full capacity, work towards finishing the curriculum and try and cover more work so that when the third wave hits they are ahead. Adjustments can then be made again when there are high numbers.

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