DA wants EMLM to provide answers


The DA has requested that the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) urgently provide a written response on why council failed to sit for the adoption of the integrated development plan and budget among with a long list of open questions posed to the local authority.

EMLM DA caucus leader Zuko Mandile said the party had issued a letter based on the total collapse of the municipality, indicating that questions needed to be asked. “With regard to the regulations of the municipal systems act we had to have a council meeting on or before June 30, before the financial year end. At the special council meeting held at the end of May, council agreed that the policies contained in the agenda must be workshopped before June 30 as some of the policies did not legally comply and had massive financial implications on the municipality, its budget and residents. Why did this important workshop not take place? Nor did public participation take place in all the wards as set out in schedule 4 of the municipal systems act.”

The document questioned the whereabouts of the municipal manager and the community services director as well as details of a vacant technical director post.

“There is a director of community services who is being paid by the municipality, but she is nowhere to be found and we know that refuse is not being collected regularly, The community services committee has not been sitting at all. We are all aware of the ‘acting’ capacity of the acting director of technical services. His last date in office was June 30. Technical services is the heart and soul of the municipality, especially under the current constant electrical outage crisis that plagues a number of businesses and communities. There is no one to take responsibility in that directorate. The municipality must provide a detailed, costed and time-bound plan.”

The municipality was given seven days to respond, failing which Mandile said the matter would be taken up to provincial structures.

EMLM spokesperson Lonwabo Kowa confirmed that the letter from the DA was received by the municipality on Tuesday. “It will receive attention of relevant offices and be processed,” he said.