Ikora slams allegations of mobilising a shutdown in Komani

Independent Komani Residents’ Association Zolile Roger Xalisa

The Independent Komani Residents’ Association (Ikora) is concerned about false rumours doing the rounds on social media insinuating that the association is mobilising communities to participate in a looting spree of local malls.

Ikora spokesperson Zolile Roger Xalisa said the leadership condemned in the strongest terms the baseless lies that the association was influencing people to loot local shops and to take part in the strike action running rampant in other parts of the country.

”These are deliberate efforts to taint and damage the good name of Ikora and cause confusion about what it stands for.

”We wish to inform people and law enforcement agencies that the Ikora leadership has not coordinated any meeting and there are no plans to take part in the riots which are currently taking place in our country.”

Xalisa went on to say all their daily programmes had been placed on hold after the alert level 4 announcement was announced by president Cyril Ramaphosa.

”We are law-abiding citizens of South Africa. We respect the rule of law,” he said.

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