YOUR VOICE | Opinions on the street

Last week, the country descended into chaos after what started out as citizens protesting former president Jacob Zuma’s arrest became a looting spree starting in KwaZulu Natal then spreading to Gauteng. The Rep reporter, Ntsikelelo Qoyo, went to ask people in Komani what they thought about the protests and whether they thought they might come to Komani.


Anje Strydom

Anje Strydom from Sandringham

I really hope our community realises the devastation caused by the destruction of property and stealing of goods. Not only does it potentially have a massive negative effect on employees’ lives in terms of income and job security, but it also affects the insurance industry. It seems to be a well-organised crime spree. I hope sanity will prevail and it does not come to Komani as there are few job opportunities as it is and if the damage is done to our shops and malls then those jobs will also be lost.


Danika Daniels

Danika Daniels from Victoria Park

I think the protests are unnecessary because even if Zuma is pardoned the costs are already there. Unemployment is going to increase now because the shops and other places where they were employed are destroyed. Government also has to fix infrastructure and it is already bankrupt. I pray and hope people in Komani stand together and that kind of violence does not happen here.




Josh Goss

Josh Goss from Victoria Park

This is a politically motivated movement but there are people taking advantage of it to get things for nothing. My question is, is this all really worth losing so many jobs? Is it worth the recession that will follow? The president should pardon Zuma because it is not worth all this damage being done to the country.





Lungile Mkuthu

Lungile Mkuthu from Mlungisi

There is no way the protests will come here. People in the Eastern Cape usually do not have the appetite for that sort of thing. Even when there were xenophobic attacks around the country our province barely made the news. I do not think people are still protesting about Zuma though. I think they are just frustrated by the lockdown and are lashing out.



Thandolwethu Nogila

Thandolwethu Nogilana from Ezibeleni

I do not believe they will spill over into the Eastern Cape or Komani. The people in our region are civil. They also understand the economic consequences of such action.