Zakes Bantwini wants to be minister of sports, arts and culture in SA

Musician Zakes Bantwini looks like he is gunning to add politics to his resumé.  Image: Via Instagram

Bum Bum hitmaker Zakes Bantwini has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to consider him for the position of minister of sports, art and culture.

Taking to Twitter recently to address the presidency, the star said that with the way things have gone in the entertainment industry since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, he believes that there was no leadership throughout and wants to be the change he sees for the future of the entertainment industry.

“I want to be minister of art and culture. This pandemic has been extremely challenging for our industry and it’s clear we have NO leadership that cares for creative economy of this nation.

“As creatives we deserve better and I want to change that for next generation,” he wrote.

This led to much discussion from fans and Twitter users on Zakes’ latest reveal.

Some felt that the star was too concerned about an industry with allegedly “no problems”, with one user going as far as claiming that artists don’t add value to our country.

However, Zakes hit back, saying artists are the backbone of the nation, and should be more appreciated for their contributions.

“Overall, and beyond film, South Africa’s creative economy contributes about R90bn to the national economy. Arts, culture and heritage sector projects, events and organisations are key to economic growth and job creation. If R90bn industry is nothing to you then I don’t know.”

“This pandemic needs more than your savings to survive, it needs leadership and accountability,” said Zakes.

Upon hearing the news, Zakes also had his supporters in the wings, waiting to show their love for the star taking a political route in his career. Check out the reactions below:







By Deepika Naidoo – Timeslive