Baboon roaming in Top Town


A feral baboon is the terror of Top Town residents who have been encountering the animal roaming round the suburb since last year.

The animal, described as a huge aggressive male, is said to occasionally come into town to forage food from houses nearby.

A Bergsig resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, said she feared a child may be harmed by the primate. “It has been in the vicinity in the last month. I know people from environmental affairs have been trying to get hold of it. It comes down from the mountain towards the game reserve.

What has been concerning everybody is if it would harm children or dogs. I know a woman who was walking her dog when she saw it sitting on the wall of a house,” said the Amatola Road resident.

Former chairperson of the tennis club, Zola Yibe, said they were once cornered by the animal. “It used to come down the mountain and stray on to the road by the tennis club. It usually picks fruit at houses closest to the mountain. Last year it chased everyone into the clubhouse and some people were almost hurt. It is very big and vicious-looking.

I know there was an incident when some people were playing on the Queen’s College cricket fields. Although it becomes aggressive there has not been a confrontation that has led to anyone being hurt,” said Yibe.

Ward 10 councillor Tokkie Deysel said he was aware of the baboon and that residents had been advised to be cautious.

Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality spokesperson Lonwabo Kowa said if residents come across the baboon they should call environmental affairs. “The municipality has not been informed of this matter by any resident. The area is very close to the Lawrence De Lange Game Reserve which does not have baboons. The baboon could be a stray one and can be reported to the department of environmental affairs.”