LETTER| Appointing immature politicians ends badly

Image: 123RF/Julija Sapic

During our branch general meetings (BGMs) some slates circulate to guide us to nominate people for provincial and national government positions. We normally couldn’t care less about who the author/s of such slates are and the integrity of the nominees as we just want to get finished with a lengthy process.

The above results in it propelling immature individuals to positions that require mature, sober and responsible thinking and acting people. We end up having immature politicians who are still tuned to partying and acting childishly. Remember, government ministers are appointed from among the pool of people we nominated. I acknowledge the fact that it takes a person years to carve his/her political career, but more often the same person destroys his career within a day. The youngsters we push up to senior governance levels soon become a disgrace to their elders there and ourselves.

In politics you are given a ladder to climb a tall building, only to be pulled off when you are half way. Let branches do that.

By: Alfred Zanemvula Magatya