Aloevale granny celebrates 100 years

CENTENARIAN: Sophie McDonald, centre front, celebrated her hundredth birthday on Saturday with her daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Front, from left, daughter Ellen McDonald, Sophie and daughter Nonandla Dubezweni. At the back is granddaughter Princess McDonald Picture: NTSIKELELO QOYO

While the country is battling the Covid-19 crisis and the passing of loved ones death has become an everyday reality, but one Aloevale centenarian says a 100 years is not enough.

Sophie McDonald, who celebrated the rare milestone recently with her family said it was God’s grace that had kept her going this long and the simple pleasure of time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“I never thought I would reach this age, especially because I have been so sickly these past few years. I stay at home at the moment because the nurses chased me away and told me not to come back because of the Coronavirus. They said it is best I stay at home and send my children to get my medication,” said Sophie.

Although she uses a wheelchair to get around, the great-grandmother of 26 is still able to walk, see well and have conversations about everything. Sophie says he would like to live to be at least 105.

“I am so happy that God has kept me this long. I am grateful that I can spend time and see my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am still young. My mother was 104 when she passed away. I want to be older than her, even if just by one year.”

Princess McDonald, one of Sophie’s 17 granddaughters said her grandmother was an inspiration to them. “I doubt we will ever make it to her age. It is such a rare thing these days. She openly tells us that she will live five more years and I believe her. I am so grateful she is still with us and we can enjoy moments like these,” she said.

Sophie grew up a farm girl on the outskirts of Komani where her father worked after they moved from Whittlesea where she was born. Her oldest living daughter is 70, one of four surviving from the original 10.

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