Leading with wisdom focus of Bishop’s book

APPETITE FOR READING: Bishop Maholo John Mbesi has written a book titled ‘Wisdom for Leaders of the 21st century’ Picture: SUPPLIED

When everyone was in a state of near panic following the Covid-19 outbreak last year, local bishop Maholo John Mbesi took time to pen a book about leadership.

With only a few days left until the book hits the shelves, Mbesi said during the 21 days of lockdown in March 2020 he thought it necessary to sow a seed at that moment with his book titled ‘Wisdom for Leaders of the 21st century’.

Many people were frustrated and panicking. This book is part of what my family will harvest as a reward from that. I learned that in life there is no permanent problem. You can use any kind of problem as a stepping stone for your achievement. This book is about leadership, but the context is wisdom versus folly, and it addresses issues leaders neglect in their way of leadership where they end up failing people.”

He said the book also addressed general life issues and looked into the aspects of government, corporate and religious leadership.

You find that the foolish and unqualified are put in high positions, especially in this era in our country. In the book I highlight big institutions facing challenges around the country, at the same time explaining how communities, businesses and organisations can win by applying wisdom that comes from the Creator. Where there is corruption and maladministration there is lack of wisdom,” he said.

Mbesi added that the 134 page book had eight chapters. It is his second book that readers, he claims, will not easily put down.

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