Fans join local radio hosts to help family

HELPING HANDS: Lukhanji FM presenters with their listeners are looking for any assistance to improve the lives of the Zola-based Bobotyana family in Lesseyton Picture: SUPPLIED

Seven children and four adults living in abject poverty

Three radio presenters in Komani have teamed up with their listeners to identify where there is a need in the community to make a difference in people’s lives.

The three are Siphumelele Madze (aka Mlungu), Lwando Ngalo aka King London and Zolisa
Dusubana, also known as King Pin, host Ebukhosini on Mondays to Wednesdays from 9 to 12pm on Lukhanji FM.

Ngalo said they had started the initiative with a group of listeners who were loyal to their show.

”We wanted to be useful so we decided to form a Whatsapp group to identify a need in the community and make our contribution to assist people.

”Our goal is to change people’s lives by doing something constructive instead of focusing on what does not add value to our lives,” he said.

The team recently found out about a needy family of 11, seven whom are children, living in a mud house under dire conditions in Zola, Lesseyton.

”The good news is that after we spoke to ward 17 councillor Mncedisi Mbengo to assist us, he said the department of human settlement was set to establish a temporary structure, with plans to build the family a new home,” Ngalo said.

He added that they were also collecting clothing to take to the needy. They did not ask for money, but they welcomed any items people were willing to assist them with.

”We will donate everything we have managed to collect so far to the family on Sunday.”

Thandolwethu Bobotyana, who is living with his two sisters, their seven children and 78-year-old mother, said they had received a visit from the radio presenters and their team two weeks ago.

Bobotyana said they were all unemployed and living in poverty relying on their elder mother’s pension.

”There are times when we struggle with food and have to ask other people for help.

”There were only two beds in the house, but my mother’s is broken so I had to give her mine. ”The rest sleep on the floor.”

He said the children are a 17-year-old boy, 14-year-old girl, 11-year-old boy, 6 year-old boy, 7 year-old girl, two-year-old girl, and a baby of six weeks.

”The house was badly affected by the strong winds and I recently had to repair it. We also have a problem with a leaking roof. ”To keep the house warm we collect logs that we burn in a metal container. There are many things we do not have, including furniture.”

Anyone who would like to help can contact Ngalo on 076-245 1616.