Slaying of admired taxi boss mourned

TAXI BOSS: The late Uncedo Taxi Services and Association Chris Hani chairman,
and association business chairman, Sandi Mgobo   Picture: ABONGILE

A great tree has fallen, a leader, a visionary and business mind – above all, a man who
refused to be associated with violence.

These were the sentiments echoed by his family, friends and colleagues at the
memorial service of Sandi Mgobo in Ezibeleni on Wednesday.

The 48-year-old taxi boss was shot at Unathi Mkefa, while driving near his house last Friday.

Police spokesperson, Namhla Mdleleni, said the police were investigating a case of

The association has urged the public to allow the law to take its course without

Mgobo was also Uncedo Taxi Service Association Chris Hani chairperson, the
Queenstown Uncedo Taxi Service Association (Qusta) chairman and was recently
appointed Komani branch and chairman of the association at national level.

His frail, elderly father, Arhie Mgobo, said he had been left devastated by his son’s death.
Even more so because he had lost another son t taxi violance, He said speaking about his son would cause him much grief and harm, Mgobo senior told The Rep.

”My son had a twin, his brother Sandile, who died the same way, through a bullet. #

”He was based in Komani, but they shot him in Mthatha between 2001 and 2002.

”We have never found any trace of his murderer.

Mgobo said after his son, Sandi was murdered last Friday, there had been a strong police presence in the Bekela residential area where his son had lived.

”I hope the police will catch the evil person who did this and arrest him,” his grieving father said.

Mgobo’s older sister, Nocwaka Silimela, said her parents were not well and were strugglingo cope.
”We will cry and when we do cry God must hear us. Our brother meant everything to us and we will always miss him.

”I have nothing further to say, it is God who will see what to do with the people who did this, she said.

National Uncedo Taxi Service Association deputy secretary Andile Andries said
Mgobo was appointed to serve as the business chairman of the national association ”without contestation.”

”He was an exceptional leader in the taxi industry. Whatever resolution was taken by the association, he was the first to implement it. He would say leaders should lead by example in order for people to follow,” Andries said.

He said he had learnt a lot from the business-minded Mgobo. Andries added that the association members recognised Mgobo’s leadership abilities and it was a pity someone murdered him as the association had invested a lot in Mgobo.

”I was in Johannesburg recently with Mgobo, to conclude one of the deals he had
initiated. This is the kind of person we lost.

”He always made sure Uncedo members benefited equally.”

Andries said people should refrain from from taking the law into their own hands and allow the police  to deal with the investigation.

Qusta deputy chairman and friend Doc Ngcongca, said Mgobo joined the association
in 1990.

”It was an enemy who did this. Mgobo was a visionary and a real man, a person who
was not intimidated, a man not afraid of challenges. He was a parent and a friend.

Someone who had long-term goals. He always looked ahead.

”He would lift you up, because he loved everyone. He treated people equally. I am crushed inside.

Through his hard work, Ngcongca said Mgobo had managed to open association
branches in Sterkstroom, Molteno, Steynsberg and Middelburg.

He added that Mgobo had also led branches like Dordrecht, Indwe, Phola Park and Johannesburg.

Honeydew was one of the branches he opened in Joburg with the
assistance of branch members.

We were hoping we would lay his father to rest, but today the father is laying one of
us to rest. I was looking forward to spending more years with Mgobo.

During his term as Qusta chairperson, Mgobo fought for the inter-modal taxi rank to
belong to Komani.

He also led plans for the establishment of a fuel station at the inter-
modal taxi rank where taxi operators are able to get a discount for diesel and petrol.

When Ezibeleni taxi operators were experiencing difficulty in getting trips to enable
them to pay their monthly instalments, Mgobo introduced a reschedule whereby they
were able to secure more trips.

One of his plans was to get a shopping complex established at the inter-modal taxi
rank, over which he had been holding discussions with investors.

Manduleli Kuboli said Mgobo joined the association at a very difficult time and made
his mark.

Mgobo wanted one association in Komani and his plan succeeded. No one
died after we were all under Uncedo Taxi Service Association.

”It is the first time we are seeing something of this nature and we do not associate ourselves with it.

”Kuboli said Mgobo had no problems with anyone.

” We fought for the government to make the inter-modal taxi rank belong to Komani.

He was a straightforward man who did not beat about the bush.”

Mgobo, who will be laid to rest on Saturday.leaves his wife, Yoliswa, his children Given, Sifiso, Onele, Inako, his parents Archie and Nobuntu, his sisters Nonyameko and Nocwaka and brother Mnikelo.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the station commander, colonel
Ngcwangule at 071-475 1921.



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