ANC branch clean up ward 9 to gain votes

CLEAN UP: ANC Mbuyiselo Songelwa branch members roll up their sleeves to clean up areas in ward 9 Picture: ABONGILE SOLUNDWANA

ANC Mbuyiselo Songelwa branch members recently started a clean-up campaign in ward 9, in light of the upcoming elections.

The ward consists of Queensview Park, Laurie Dashwood Park, Komani Park, Sandringham and central town areas.

Ward chairman Michael Jaska said the party was introducing its ward councillor candidate, Thabo Vali, through the cleaning initiative.

“We started cleaning in Queensview, then we went to Komani Park and Laurie Dashwood Park.

”We will be also be heading to Sandringham which has a challenge of overgrown trees that are causing electricity interruptions.”

He added there was garbage strewn across Sunshine Village was affecting residents’ health.

”Residents were paying but not receiving garbage collection services from the municipality.

”The ANC is doing what it can. The cleanup campaign is an ongoing programme that will cover the entire ward,” Jaska said.

Ward secretary Buyiswa Fose said the ANC branch needed to look after ward 9 due as service delivery was poor.

Vali, said he was confident the ANC would reclaim the ward.

”Ever since the DA took over the ward there has not been a single ward meeting with residents. Councillor Zuko Mandile is not accessible when we call him for something as simple as a proof of residence certificate.

”He works with ward committees who have not been assisting either. According to the municipal act, when a councillor does not call public meetings three consecutive times, the council should recall that councillor.”

“We have contacted the councillor about the cows grazing in yards of residents because there is a grazing area nearby. The owners release the cows to roam the streets.”

He said the ANC aimed to take over the ward.

”We will station the office of the councillor in Sunshine Village. We do not know what was featured in the Integrated Development Planning as there was no consultation with us.

I am sure we are not budgeted for in the next five years. We are one of the two wards where people pay their dues regularly to the municipality.”

Elderly Sunshine Village resident Popi Nepgen said: ” I was sick several times and went to a specialist who said it was something in the air. He asked about the type of environment I was living in and I told him I was living near a garbage area which he said was the reason I was sick.”

Mandile said this was mere political talk as he had been holding meetings in the ward and people were able to access him whenever they needed him including for proof of residence certificates.

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