Rebuilt, fully furnished house given to Ezibeleni resident

Ezibeleni resident Nosakhele Vivian Nqabisa’s dignity has finally been restored after she was handed over a rebuilt and fully furnished house by the ANC Chris Hani region, in collaboration with Dicla Training and Projects on Friday.

Nqabisa, who had reached out to The Rep for help in 2019, said a mysterious fire gutted her house on the night of December 11, 2017, destroying all her belongings and also claiming her husband’s life.

The Rep reported (‘Family in dire need after house caught fire’, October 31, 2019) that Nqabisa had found a job as a domestic worker in Johannesburg to save money for her daughter’s university tuition when she was informed of the tragic incident.

ANC Chris Hani regional secretary Lusanda Sizani said after an appeal was made for the leading party to intervene and assist in rebuilding Nqabisa’s home, the ANC had to heed the call. He added that processes were delayed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. “We want to have progressive local business people who are able to develop communities and assist the ANC. The party is a non-profit organisation which is dependent on donations to spearhead its programmes. Dicla Training and Projects managing director Lizo Mandlendoda is one of those progressive business people. As a government entity led by chairperson Wongama Gela, we must ensure we reach out to the disadvantaged throughout the region. We are here to celebrate this day with her (Nqabisa) because of the pain she endured.”

In his speech, Dicla Training and Projects managing director Lizo Mandlendoda indicated that the company was approached by the ANC Chris Hani regional office to assist in rebuilding the house. “We are honoured to be a part of this remarkable and commendable work as it forms part of our daily motivation – to create world abundance. We believe not only were we custodians of restoring hope, joy and dignity, but we portray a sense of social responsibility towards the community that supports our business.”

ANC regional chairperson Wongama Gela said the leadership was there to implement the ideals of the freedom charter. He added that Nqabisa, whose celebrated her 62nd birthday last week, in the time and month significant to the liberation struggle.

“We understand there are other associated challenges that we will not disclose, but we are interacting with the family to attempt to resolve those challenges. We are a very serious region, which is why we continue to respond like this,” he said.

An overjoyed Nosakhele Vivian Nqabisa, who was also given a sizeable cake by the regional leadership, expressed her gratitude to everyone for their unwavering support. She said she would continue to remain a loyal member of the ANC.