LETTER| No service delivery: new officials needed

Image: 123RF/Julija Sapic

We, the community of Komani had high hopes that 2021 would be a better year since we were heading for local government elections in October. But things deteriorated to a point of complete destruction.

Even financial and other resources from the provincial and national rulers to support the two entities were unable to make them viable. Ordinary citizens and the business sector again came to the rescue and the rulers unashamedly exempted the help and made us feel it was our duty to deliver services.

While the citizenry of this broken town help to normalise things, the city fathers and mothers remain absent….no communication with the people who pay their salaries – public servants who serve only their political masters.

Once The Rose of the Border, Komani now resembles a ghost town with regular power outages and water shortages, pothole-riddled roads, untold dirt, lawlessness among motorists and pedestrians, non-compliance with bylaws and disregarding law and order with impunity. Do we still have a traffic department in Komani? Speeding in Cathcart Road, disregarding of red traffic lights, stop streets, roundabouts and four-way stops are the order of the day…we need traffic officers to be visible and do what they are paid for.

If by chance the same people are voted in to govern, Queenstonians , you deserve them. They will again appear as angels, dishing out food parcels and T-shirts and all is forgotten and forgiven…just to suffer the same hardship for another five years.

Please mayors and councillors, heads of departments and municipal spokesperson, come and address us….you are answerable and accountable to us.

Democracy is not only to have elections every five years. It is government for the people by the people. Listen to, consult and deliver services.

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