Residents demand answers for their electricity woes 

Ezibeleni residents marched to the Komani town hall amid a heavy police presence earlier today to demand an end to electricity outages in the township.

Led by the Independent Komani Residents’ Association (Ikora), a civic organisation, the residents delivered a memorandum of demands to Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality mayor, Luleka Gubula.

However, the group was incensed after being told none of the members of the troika – mayor, speaker and chief whip were available to receive the memorandum, alleging it was proof that there was no concern from the municipality about the state of the township.

“We have been trying to get a meeting with the mayor for months. Her office has constantly communicated that she is busy and it was the reason we decided to do this demonstration today,” said Ikora secretary, Thulani Bukani.

“They knew we would be coming here today because we applied to make a peaceful march but here we are and they are a no show,” he added.

The residents were addressed by the EMLM community services portfolio head, Adele Hendricks, who received the memorandum and assured them the concerns would be addressed.

Read the full story in The Rep on Friday.

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