Government employees found on the grant applications list

Sassa’s R350 grants will be paid via the SA Post Office. File photo.
Image: South African Gov‏ via Twitter

As the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is working round the clock to process applications of the Special Covid-19 SRD Grant, SASSA has picks up during the verification process that some applicants are employees of government.

This is observed was also through the checking process of SRD Grant applicants against the various government data bases to verify that those applying for the grant are not civil servants.  All citizens are alerted to the reality that In addition, the focus within the organization is not only on the R350 grant, but that we continue to address challenges with the other social grants at the same time.

As a result of a recent exercise conducted, SASSA has identified both SASSA and provincial Social Development employees, including other public servants who are drawing social grants.  Those public servants receiving foster child grants are entitled to do so as these are not means-tested and there are court orders to back the applications.

However, the other grants are being investigated to ensure that the means test has been correctly applied.  SASSA exercises a zero tolerance to any deliberate attempt to access social grants by people who do not qualify for these.  It remains the responsibility of every citizen, whose financial circumstances change even while they are receiving the grant to inform SASSA of such change immediately.  This allows for their eligibility for continued receipt of the grant to be reviewed.  Further action will be taken where it is found that ineligible public servants have continued to receive these grants.

Meanwhile, SASSA continues to urge the SRD Grant beneficiaries who have not collected their monies when the grant was introduced, to go to their nearest post office to draw the grant by 31 August 2021.  These clients were sent SMSes but never went to draw their R350 grant.  Failing to do so will see SASSA return the money to national Treasury for allocation to other government priorities.

The lists of beneficiaries of uncollected SRD grants are uploaded on the SASSA website on and beneficiaries are please advised to visit the website to check before 31 August 2021.  If their name appears on the lists, please to report to the post office to collect the funds without further delay.

Clients are advised to contact the Post Office through their call centre on 0860 111 502 or Postbank on their call centre on 0800 53 54 55.

Issued on behalf of SASSA