Second Komani taxi official slain

GUNNED DOWN: Slain Chris Hani and Queenstown Uncedo Service Taxi Association secretary, Thamsanqa Doc Ngcongca Picture: SUPPLIED

No motive established by police, while industry members mum ‘out of fear they’ll be next’

The mysterious killing of taxi officials continues in Komani, while the police have not yet established the motive, and no one in the taxi industry wants to talk.

This was after Chris Hani and Queenstown Uncedo Service Taxi Association secretary, Thamsanqa Doc Ngcongca, 50, was shot in Nomzamo in Mlungisi last Thursday.

Two weeks ago the association’s chairperson, Sandi Mgobo,48, was also gunned down outside his Bekela house in Ezibeleni.

Police say no arrests have been made.

An anonymous taxi operator told The Rep the little information a person had, they kept to themselves otherwise they could also be killed.

On the night that Ngconca was killed, Nombulelo Samente, 71, the first to arrive at the scene with her daughter, said: ”We heard gunshots fired. We tried to peep through the window to see where they were coming from.

”The first four shots were fairly quiet, but the final was the loudest. After that, we heard
someone crying very loudly.

”Two men ran past, but we could not recognise them. We went nearer and Ngcongca was badly wounded.

”They had shot him in the arm, near the heart and in the forehead.”

Samente said the police and ambulances arrived about two hours after the shooting.

”It was raining, but we had to remain because we did not want to leave his body alone.”
Ngcongca’s devastated father Dumile Ngcongca, 74, said: “This has injured me and the family.

”We cannot determine how the investigation will turn out, but we want to know what is behind his murder. At least that will bring me peace.”

Doc’s sister, Lindeka, said: ”My brother cried and begged you not to kill him, but you still went ahead and did it.

I forgive you because bitterness is a disease that eats into your soul every day. ”Forgiveness is the pill that will set you free. As hard as it is, I want to move on and free myself.”

Transport MEC Weziwe Tikana-Gxothiwe has expressed shock over the second killing of taxi boss in Komani.

Tikana-Gxothiwe said she had recently held talks she had with the taxi community concerning the killings in the province.

”We said they should make efforts to engage one another in conflict resolution and be able to forgive one another when fights erupted. Killing does not go well with us.

”We will ask for another meeting to get the taxi officials to disclose what is causing these fights among them.”

When asked if taxi officials feared who may be next the association’s acting chairman Siphelo Maselani said: ”We are not afraid of anything because there is nothing we are guilty of. We are not fighting with anyone.”

His family will remember him as a man who loved dearly, a generous man with humility, a peaceful man who couldn’t display anger, said his sister Phumla Ngcongca.

Ngcongca leaves his wife, Thandeka Dakada-Ngcongca, his children Luthando, Samantha and Zamaqithi, his father Dumile, his brothers and sisters Phumla, Ziphozonke , Lindeka, Thabo, Siphelo and Sinazo.

He was laid to rest in Yonda, his home village at Whittlesea, on Saturday.

Police spokesperson Lariane Jonker said the community was requested to give any information to the investigating officer, captain TA Buqwana on 071-352#-4540.


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