YOUR VOICE| Opinions on the street

The country continues to report cases of gender-based violence and The Rep reporter Zintle Bobelo took to the streets of Komani to ask locals what needs to be done to address the scourge.

Zikhona Galada from Grey Street

I think the issue of gender-based violence needs to be tackled by men. It seems as if we, women, are in the forefront, but men are keeping quiet and the numbers are not decreasing. I think the ideas and solutions should come from men because they are the perpetrators at the end of the day.

Nomandla Mfenyana from Mlungisi

The Moral Regeneration Movement should take a stand. A platform needs to be created for these young boys and men for them to be educated on how to treat females. This needs to start at home because in most cases you find the problem stems from their upbringing and their background. There used to be girl guides and boy scouts back in the day. Those movements used to play a vital role in how to conduct ourselves. Drug abuse has had a huge impact on society. We need to stand together, unite in disciplining our children.

Loyiso Nkonki from Ezibeleni

Intervention needs to start from childhood. It all starts at home, with how the child is raised. A child raised in a broken family where the father abuses women will most likely do the same growing up because it will be perceived as the norm. I talk of something I know. I have seen it happen in most families. Men should be taught at a very young age that they are not superior to the other gender. There are also women who are used to abuse, who accept and want to be physically abused or attacked during an altercation because it is something they have been exposed to.This I have encountered personally and it is a problem that also needs to be addressed.

Apostle Mbuyiselo Ntabeni from Mlungisi

A child’s upbringing is very important. The effects of the environment in a broken family are life changing and broken families are truly the root cause of what our society is currently facing. We need to sit down, teach our children and find solutions to this problem, even at our churches. Congregations need to take up programmes, classes that will focus on this matter.

Apostle Vuyisani Jikumlambo from Ezibeleni

The youth of today lack a sense of direction and are out of touch with their culture. Also, a normal person would not in their right mind dismember a human being. I think there is a spiritual force that needs to be dealt with spiritually. We, the congregations, need to step up.