LETTER| SPCA in need of donations for vehicle to service large area

The Queenstown SPCA attends to numerous cruelty cases and call-outs on a daily basis. The area the organisation services spans a radius of approximately 175km.

The SPCA is appealling for donations to upgrade their vehicle. A vehicle upgrade would mean the SPCA, with their fairly new trainee inspector Tammy, who is energetic and dedicated, can continue servicing this large area and access more “hard-to-reach” places. This ultimately means more animals saved and more awareness raised.

The SPCA relies heavily on donations from the public and businesses. The subsidy from the municipality, which is meant to be the primary source of funding, is insufficient and unreliable. The SPCA sometimes goes months without any payment of subsidies.

If anyone is interested in assisting the SPCA or seeking more information please contact funds1@spcaqueenstown.co.za

SPCA management


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