Khayalethu residents demand water

Chris Hani District Municipality spokesperson Bulelwa Ganyaza has refuted claims that the community of Khayalethu in Ntabethemba has been without water for two months.

Ganyaza indicated to The Rep last week that water supply in the area was interrupted due to a burnt-out borehole pump on August 4, adding that the district municipality was working on getting the problem fixed.

According to residents, they have not had running tap water for two months and have noted that a water truck which distributed the necessity made irregular visits, leaving community members dry and livid.

“It becomes difficult for children to go to school because parents cannot allow them to go wearing unwashed clothes. We cannot cook, the staff at the school working on the school nutrition program near us cannot cook for the children because there is no water. We cannot go to clinics and all these other places without taking a bath. It is really a problem,” said one resident who did not want to be identified.

One of the concerned community members, Anele Nkamana, said: “Last week the truck was supposed to deliver, but it did not come because the driver was reportedly on leave. We have not had water for about two months and are still waiting for the problem to be fixed.”

Another resident, Nontsika Ngcenge, said: “Water is a necessity, it is life. We need intervention because we have not had running tap water for two months.”

Ganyaza said the district was in the process of replacing the borehole pump with a new one. “The area has not been without water for two months as alleged. While the district is engaging in processes to repair or replace the borehole pump, water carting is done to alleviate water shortage in the area. Several measures were undertaken for a speedy repair. However countless challenges were encountered in the process, including further damages to the pump.”

She said water was expected by the end of last week. “Our technical team is still on site attending to this. Water carting in the district is in demand due to drought and the vastness of the district, therefore this service is always viewed as inadequate,” she said.


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