Artist’s signed print auctioned to boost SPCA coffers

ART OF HOPE: Marguerite Moorcroft of the SPCA, left, standing next to the signed Blue Crane print by Magdel Jerrard, right, which was auctioned to assist the organisation at the recent art exhibition Picture: ZINTLE BOBELO

A showcase of creative paintings of nature and Eastern Cape scenes was exhibited at a cheese and wine auction and preview evening in Top Town recently

The art exhibition, which was set to run throughout the weekend, featured works for sale by the host, Magdel Jerrard, and her students, Nadine Botha, Anne Moore, Chux Fourie and Maggie Dreyer.

I have been painting for many years and it has always been a passion with me to try and get people to recognise their own talent. Art has always been important, since I was a child. I was always aware of nature and animals,” said Jerrard.

With Covid-19 having disrupted social activities, Jerrard birthed the idea of exhibiting her own work at her studio. “We have little going on in the community at the moment. It has been a big step for me and I was encouraged by my daughter and my husband. They wanted me to experience the joy of having people share my talent.” she said

You can never be too old to paint and be creative. Very often I look at an empty canvas and think, what am I going to put on there, and then it just comes to me.”

An unforgettable piece that Jerrard still holds close to her heart is an elephant she painted for her daughter in 2001. She said aspiring artists with a passion for painting needed to pick up the brush and paint what they saw. “Very often I find myself hesitant. I ask myself ‘Can I really create the beauty that I see?’ You doubt yourself, but as the years go by you gain confidence. Young artists struggle with that. It is always amazing to see them grow and the joy when they have completed a picture.”

A Blue Crane signed print on canvas was auctioned for R2 800, of which R2 300 was given to the SPCA.

Our animals are neglected and the SPCA is in need. When you see neglected animals all over you realise that is a good cause,” said Jerrard.

Marguerite Moorcroft of the SPCA welcomed the donation. “Once again, people are giving to us and we are grateful. All of this will be put to good use.”

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