Avid line dancers step out to move and meet again

DANCE MOVES: A group of women participating in line dancing classes at the Wesley Methodist Church hall in Ebden Street every Tuesday Picture: ZINTLE BOBELO

Line dancing classes were not only a fun activity for a group of senior Komani citizens but also have, according to them, the benefit of mental and physical stimulation.

A group of 24 elderly women who gather every week at the Wesley Methodist Church in Ebden Street formulated a social culture of line dancing which involves synchronised movements to a chosen beat or music.

Megan Moorcroft said the classes have been existent for about nine years with the number of dancers growing each year .“We started off with a small number of dancers but the members have grown incredibly. Most of the dances are a sequence of 16 steps. We meet once a week, on Tuesdays and we dance for about 45 minutes. We do not charge anything. The eldest of the dancers is 85 years old,” she said.

The pandemic unfortunately brought things to a standstill when sessions had to be halted. This was a setback for some of the dancers.

“We obviously had to stop because of the pandemic. We are now on the third lesson since Covid-19 lockdown regulations were eased. Everyone is excited to be back. The classes are always exhilarating and good for our bodies and minds because you have to remember the sequence of steps every time. The doors are open to anyone who would like to join in the fun, be it males or females,” said Moorcroft.

Long standing member Berenice Levack who joined the group five years ago said she looked forward to the sessions every week. “I am not sorry that I joined the group. It’s a pleasure meeting new people and getting the opportunity to exercise. We were all stuck in our homes during Covid-19. It is nice to be back. There were about eight of us when I joined. Every second or third month somebody else would come in. It is always great to see new faces.”

Newcomer Suzanne van Heerden said it was her third time with the group this week and she could not be happier. “I have done it before and I loved it when I was still at the old age home in Adelaide. I asked if there was anyone offering any classes this side and I was told it was closed due to Covid. So, when everything opened again that is when they reached out to me. The togetherness, to see people happy and how much they enjoy it, is so fulfilling. I do not know all the dance routines, but once the instructor shows you some steps and you grasp everything, it becomes easier from there on.”

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