Ready to lead residents selflessly

INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE: Ibrahim Gueedi, popularly known as ‘Idid’ is in line to be elected as ward councillor for ward six in the upcoming election Picture: MBALENTLE STOFU


Ready to lead residents selflessly



Ibrahim Gueedi, an independent candidate for ward six in Ezibeleni, says he is ready to bring change to the resident, knows their delivery concerns, has been a resident for a long timeand knows the basic needs of the people. He says:  “The residents of Ezibeleni need housing, access to water, electricity and street lights. Our roads have potholes which results in our cars being damaged. I believe as independent candidates we have the potential to lead by example and bring about the change people have been waiting for. If people would elect me as their leader they would get access to free wifi around the locations of Ezibeleni. Especially children who go to school need access to the  internet to conduct research and complete projects. I will work hand in hand with the people of the community to ensure their needs are well taken care of and I hope they trust me to carry out all these tasks.’’


While talking to the Rep at his home in Ezibeleni, he expressed his feelings of disappointment at being failed in terms of service delivery and poor services. ‘’If I get elected I promise to eradicate most of these challenges through innovation and being an accountable leader that the residents can trust. We are all tired of being played around with, let us put a stop to empty promises. The wifi will help people who are unemployed and pupils who attend school. Data is very expensive, this implementation is to cut costs and make sure the needs of people are catered for. I am determined to work hard and help bring services and use funds very wisely.


“If we stand together we can do a lot to improve services and ensure satisfaction. I believe everyone is tired of being promised and yet none of promises are delivered upon. Another challenge we have as independents is that people do not recognise us and only recognise the big parties that mislead them after getting their fair share of votes,’’ he said.


Furthermore he added that if he were elected as a ward councillor he promised  to distribute the money fairly so that people were not robbed of their rights and services and could see the results of electing him, he said. ‘’Jobs are scarce and I do open job opportunities for the people around my community to promote the spirit of ubuntu which is being selfless and giving out to the community for the support they give me as a business man. I have shops around the locations of Ezibeleni and the support  grows daily and I am grateful for that.This is one of the reasons why I would like to serve the community of Ezibeleni without fail,’’ Ibrahim said.

By Mbalentle Stofu

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