Transforming local cricket his goal

NEWLY APPOINTED: Lonwabo Dinge will serve as one of the non-independent board of directors for Border Cricket Picture: SUPPLIED

One of the newly-appointed non-independent board of directors of Border Cricket, Lonwabo Dinge, will introduce new ideas to lead transformation in the world of cricket.

Dinge, who recently assumed the seat, will be part of a collective of the senior cricket committee, human resources, remuneration and transformation committee that will play an oversight role in the province.

He has been part of the cricket family in the region for a number of years, has served as chair for the Eastern Cape Royals team and has played for the team as an opening batsman. His involvement in the administration of several tournaments yielded positive results.

With recent reports of SA Cricket being clouded by controversy Dinge said their focus was also on development, especially at regional level.

We have what we call hubs where young children are groomed in schools, with the KFC mini cricket being part of the programmes. We want to build a concrete team at Border level, but that has to come from the local level. For me, this is an opportunity to impart some of the skills I have in terms of developing and enhancing cricket in the province. Cricket on its own is deemed a white sport, but we want to deal with that completely, crush it vehemently and introduce cricket as sport for everyone – black and white.”

He said poor infrastructure was a major challenge and the team looked forward to building proper infrastructure for players. “We currently have a strategy which we were introduced to during the induction. With what was presented I can gladly say it is indeed what we want to see in the province in terms of development of the sport. It is currently being polished, but it is there. It also mainly focuses on merits, that people should get to play in cricket through merit and not being favoured for any particular reason,” said Dinge.