Angry Mlungisi residents block pavements, pelting vehicles with stones

Vehicles were pelted with stones by an angry group of residents in Pelem Road, Mlungisi this morning after motorists drove on pavements avoiding the gaping potholes.

The community members burned tyres and blocked vehicles from driving on side walks by placing rocks and stones, demanding the municipality to fix the damaged road.

“A child was hit by a car today and my daughter was bumped by a bicycle on her way back to school because the person riding the bicycle was trying to avoid a car accident. I could have been in hospital or burying my child. Another child was also hit by a car last year as a result, that child had to stop going to school because of the injuries. It was not so long ago when this portion of the road was repaired by the municipality but it has now returned to its bad state,” said resident Siphokazi Sipoyo.

The outraged crowd also raised concerns over sewage spillages which were not new to the area. Full story in The Rep next week.

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