WATCH | Cash van muscles off Mercedes and saves loot from robbers

A screengrab from a video of a failed cash in transit heist on Thursday which shows the van having rammed the suspects’ Mercedes off the road before making a getaway.
Image: Supplied

A group of armed suspects remain empty handed and on the run after a failed attempt at a cash in transit vehicle robbery on Thursday in the Western Cape.

According to police‚ the attempted robbery happened about 7.50am in Potsdam Road‚ Table View. Police said the would-be robbers were using two vehicles‚ a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW‚ with which they tried to force the transit vehicle off the road.

They opened fire on the driver‚ hitting him in the arm.

Three other guards in the back of the cash van were also injured when their driver rammed into the Mercedes — in an attempt to force it off the road.

According to police‚ the occupants of the Mercedes jumped into the BMW and sped off without getting their hands on any cash.

The registration plate of the Mercedes was found to have been stolen in Khayelitsha.

The injured guards were taken to hospital for medical attention.



Source: ARENA Holdings.