Man pulled from surf after his throat was slit

A private security officer pulled a man from the surf a Humewood beach on Wednesday night after he had his throat slit and was left for dead.
Image: Eugene Coetzee

A vigilant private security officer managed to save a man out of the surf at Humewood beach after having his throat slit during an alleged abduction.

The incident occurred at about 8:30pm on Wednesday.

The security operative from City Wide Security was doing patrols along the beach front, including the parking area near Happy Valley, where he noticed a pool of blood on the pavement.

City Wide director Stephen Moore said the officer left his vehicle and searched the area for any signs of someone that might be injured.

“He found the pool of fresh blood and saw that it trailed off towards Happy Valley and under the bridge towards the beach.

“As he made his way towards the surf he saw someone floating in the water and notified our control room.”

While the control room alerted government and private emergency medical teams, the officer, who Moore only identified as Officer Frost, waded into the surf in his full security gear to retrieve the person.

As he was pulling him from the water he saw the man was covered in blood and noticed that his throat had been cut, Moore said.

“Frost applied first aid in an effort to stem the bleeding while he waited for paramedics to arrive.

“From what our operative could gather from the victim is that he had been abducted from the Richmond Hill or Central area.

“His throat was cut and he was dumped on the beach where Officer Frost found him,” Moore said.

Wesley Bester’s Besmed team responded to the scene to assist and a Netcare ambulance took the patient to a local hospital for further treatment.

Moore commended Frost for his dedication and effort to go beyond the call of duty to save the man from the surf.