Thornhill residents want Eskom to fix month-old electricity fault

SERVICE ISSUE: Thornhill and Zola residents unhappy with Eskom services

Frustrated Thornhill and Zola residents say Eskom has failed to send technicians to repair a fault they reported almost a month ago.

As a result, their villages have been without electricity since.

About 10 of them are currently camping outside the Eskom office in Prince Alfred Street and will not leave until they get help.

Luleka Beja says the prolonged lack of electricity has now become an open door for criminals to target their homes.

Beja says: “We are coming from three different areas and we are worried about the elderly people who are living alone; they are starting to become victimised by criminals. Our councillor reported the matter repeatedly; our traditional leader also came to intervene earlier on.

“Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality mayor Thembeka Bunu also attempted to help us. The only thing they keep doing is giving us different reference numbers every time.”

They plan to spend the day outside the premises until an Eskom bakkie is made available to attend to the matter.

Eskom official Sarah Potya said she was making efforts for the community members’ electricity problems to be attended to.