‘2.7-million potholes’: Mbalula’s celebrations at reaching a Twitter milestone takes a detour

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula. File picture.

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula’s celebration at reaching a milestone on Twitter was short-lived after users flooded his comment section with complaints.

The avid social media user celebrated hitting 2.7-million followers this week. In his celebratory tweet‚ he thanked netizens for following him.

“Thank you for following‚” he tweeted with two raising hands emojis.

While some celebrated with the minister‚ many flooded his comment section with criticism about fixing roads and the safety of public transport.

Responding to some of the criticism‚ Mbalula said the goal is to fix all potholes.

“You can help us reach for our target by reporting any and all potholes through the national hotline number and we’ll get in contact with your local/provincial authorities for road fixations asap‚” he said.

Last year‚ Mbalula caught smoke for the promises made by the ANC during the local elections.

He shared a photo with a caption: “The ANC will fix roads‚ potholes‚ sewage spills and broken pipes.”

He also came under fire for his blunt response to a query about potholes on the R555 in Limpopo.

Mbalula‚ at the time‚ was responding to a social media user who raised an issue after their sibling almost lost her life in an accident allegedly caused by potholes on the road.

In his response‚ Mbalula said the road belongs to regional authorities and should be fixed by the province.

His response drew criticism from many‚ including music producer Prince Kaybee‚ who told Mbalula all roads in the country were his responsibility.

“The people are calling on you because the provincial departments are failing to deliver safe roads. Let’s fix problems‚ not pass blame‚” said Kaybee.


Source: ARENA Holdings.