Electricity woes continue in Komani


POWER ISSUE: Residents confront taxi operators for disrupting traffic blockage amidst a power protest in Mlungisi earlier today       Picture: ABONGILE SOLUNDWANA

Newtown residents in Mlungisi barricaded Victoria Road, holding up traffic during a protest action after being without electricity for four days.

The police who were armed at the scene, worked intensely to remove the rubble of rocks and burning tyres for traffic to proceed. However, as soon as they left to attend to another point, the residents would place the rocks back on.

One of the points where more residents gathered to protest

The residents were not only up in arms with Enoch Mgijima Local Municipal officials who they said were neglecting to attend to the power issue which was affecting their daily lives. But were also angered by taxi operators who kept removing the rocks as they wanted to proceed to drop off passengers.

Taxi operators were seeking to drop off passengers while protestors were prevented traffic from flowing

The taxi drivers said they wanted to make money, while residents jointly said they expected them to support them in their plight. This is a developing story.